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What Parents Need to Know about Summer Learning Loss

Summer is typically thought of as a break for children or simply a chance for “kids to be kids.” However, letting your child play for three months without the slightest bit of educational stimulation is actually harming them more than helping them. Continue reading to learn all about summer learning loss- and what you can do to prevent this from happening to your children.

What is summer learning loss?

Summer learning loss refers to the educational information lost during the summer months when children are not in school and not actively participating in educational activities.

Can summer learning loss be prevented?

Yes! Summer learning loss can easily be prevented by students and parents. Simply stimulating your child educationally throughout the summer is a great way to prevent the loss of any information they have learned in the previous school year.

Educational Activities

Scheduling and conducting educational activities throughout the summer is a great way to stimulate your child. Educational activities such as: science experiments, help with cooking and measuring

ingredients in the kitchen and writing stories or letters to relatives. These activities will exercise and enhance your child’s skills.

Summer ‘field trips’

Taking your children on summer field trips is a great way for them to do some hand-on learning! Some fun field trip ideas are: a zoo visit, touring a museum or going fishing. There is a lot to be said about learning through experiencing new things.

Reading Lists

Making sure your children continue to read throughout the summer ensures they will continue to build their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. If your child’s teacher did not already create a reading list, do some research online and create a fun, appropriate reading list for your child. To make it fun, add in little incentives for each book checked off the reading list!

Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is the number one way to ensure summer learning loss does not occur. When your student meets with a tutor on a regular basis, they will have a chance to refresh and utilize all of the skills they have learned in the previous school year. When school starts in the fall, your child will feel confident and proud of themselves! College Tutors of Michigan has many tutors (and nannies) who can work with your children to stay focused on education throughout the summer.

Our smart, talented staff know how to make learning fun and interesting for students of all ages. We look forward to working with you and helping you build a stronger family!