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High Dosage Tutoring

We partner with local schools to provide personalized one-on-one and small-group focused tutoring during the school day and after school to accelerate student learning by building prerequisite knowledge and skills while integrating new learning that is a part of the grade-level curriculum.

What is High Dosage Tutoring?

High Dosage Tutoring is intensive tutoring that occurs one-to-one or in very small groups on a sustained, daily basis, to help all students accelerate their learning in an individualized manner.

The High Dosage Tutoring Model

The College Tutors of Michigan’s High Dosage Tutoring model is executed through a team of enthusiastic tutors dedicated to the success of their students, and managed by a team committed to ensuring that the HDT goals of the school are achieved.  Some aspects of our model that help to ensure success and a consistent and productive experience for the students, their teachers, and staff include:

  • All tutors are thoroughly vetted and trained, including:
      • Three interview steps, including mock HDT scenarios
      • Complete, employment-level background screen
      • Group training and 1:1/peer-to-peer role-playing HDT scenarios
      • Onboarding at school, working in tandem with the school staff
  • All tutors are direct, W-2 employees of College Tutors of Michigan, insured, and accountable to a local management team
  • For larger groups, an experienced HDT Tutor Coach is placed in the tutoring area to support the tutor team and school staff and teachers
  • Ongoing one-on-one tutor/management check-ins to review productivity, address challenges, and make needed adjustments
  • Mid-semester aggregation of best practices that tutors share and apply to improve personal tutoring productivity
  • Weekly meetings between tutoring team and school staff to review progress and address challenges
  • Mid-semester and data checkpoint to review progress and address needed adjustments
  • Post-semester data checkpoint to debrief and review adjustments and next steps

High Dosage Tutoring's Effect on Students' Growth

High Dosage Tutoring has huge and verifiable growth in the state of Michigan compared to students who don’t have access to HDT

Proficiency Growth by Grade
All Students
3rd: 17%
4th: 7%
5th: 7%
6th: 7%
7th: 7%

Proficiency Growth by Grade
High Dosage Tutoring Students3rd: 68%4th: 28%5th: 28%6th: 28%7th: 28%

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