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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

As much as you wish your little ones would stay little forever, they are slowly on their way to adulthood. It is your responsibility to equip them with the necessary knowledge to succeed, and writing is an important skill to have in order to succeed in the real world. Below we have compiled some ways you can help your child become a better writer.

Make home word-friendly

Go places and see things with your child, then come home and talk about what has been seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched. Make your child comfortable with using various words to describe things and experiences. The basis of good writing is good talk, especially for younger children. So let them develop a better understanding of language and describing things before grabbing the pen and paper.

Set an example

You can preach as much as you want and a child will still be more tempted to act just like you than to listen. If children never see adults write, they gain an impression that writing occurs only at school and that it isn’t important enough to do often or improve on. Make sure they see that you are writing too and, if you have the time, try to get them involved. For example, you can try reading aloud what you have written and ask your children their opinion of what you’ve said.

Make writing a fun activity

Have your child write personal notes to friends and family, like thank you notes. You can also having them write their own stories. Just encourage some type of writing to be involved the next time they want to paint or draw. If they draw a dragon, have them write a letter to the dragon or a story about the dragon and its many adventures. You can also consider creating or buying writing activity packets for your child. It will make writing seem more like a fun game than something they are being forced into doing.

Provide writing material

You can also make writing more fun by providing encouraging materials such as different colored pens and pencils, erasers and a stationary set. You can also provide your child with a kid’s dictionary or thesaurus and their own private journal or diary (just make sure to only take a peek if they give you permission). They will be much more likely to get into writing if they are given some fun material to use.


When it comes to writing, be as helpful as you possibly can. Talk your child through his/her ideas and let them discover how they want to express themselves. They should feel free to let the pen do the talking and not be scared to try because of a fear of criticism. When they ask for help with spelling, punctuation and usage, supply that help. Your most effective role is not as a critic but as a helper. Help them feel open to new ideas and thoughts, while resisting the temptation to be critical. College Tutors can help your child become a better writer. We provide quality tutors who care about your child’s success.